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High pressure pipes for machinery

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Bottling Machinery Installing

Beer production lines, pet bottled, glass bottled, canned beer, palletizers, preform ovens, bottle blowers, thermal insulators, ammonia piping, sanitary grade pipe, steel water tank manufacturing stainless, installation of boilers for steam, can bottle conveyors, bottle washers, rinser, fillers, mixer installation, chiller, clean room.

Installation of High Pressure Pipes Between Equipment

We produce piping systems and connections with the highest technology, guaranteeing the quality of the processes.

Argon & Orbital Welding Service

Welding services in special metals and that need fine and long-lasting finishes.

About us


Metálicas Calix is a company stablished since 2003, we are originally from Honduras, a rich and beautiful country of Central America, many clients arround the world choose us as the first option because of our good service and excellent support.


Provide the installation of bottling machinery all over the world, thus helping the companies that are starting in the field or companies that want to expand their facilities.


Be the best company in the installation of machinery for bottling, process automation, engineering, manufacturing and assembly.

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